• Hand-Painted Jerusalem Ram Shofar

    Hand-Painted Jerusalem Ram Shofar

    Stunning Ram Shofar is ornamented with materials specially processed by the artist and adorned with hammered metal work. It is engraved with an illustration of Jerusalem and beautiful gold trimmings. Its design, sharp sound, and smooth feel make this Shofar a great piece!

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  • Hand-Painted Pomegranate Ram Shofar

    Hand-Painted Pomegranate Ram Shofar

    A stunning pomegranate design enhances this Ram Shofar, giving it rich and exciting colors and glittering gold trimmings. Decorated by Israeli artist Lily Shohat, this Shofar artwork is truly one-of-a-kind!

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    Reg.: $299 Sale: $249
  • Hand-Woven Yemenite Kudu Shofar

    Hand-Woven Yemenite Kudu Shofar

    This superb spiral Kudu horn Shofar has a rich polished finish. Three bands of fabric decorate the Shofar and on each band sequins, colored stones & appliqued embroidered designs have been added to complete the art. This very special Shofar has been decorated by Israeli Artist Eva Arbiv Mishan.

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  • Hand-Painted Jerusalem Kudu Shofar

    Hand-Painted Jerusalem Kudu Shofar

    This majestic Yemenite shofar is enhanced by the artistic hand painting of local artist Eretz Hosit, renowned for his handmade works of metal and ceramics. Aside from its beautiful shape and crisp sound, this Shofar features three metal segments depicting Jerusalem scenes, emphasized by hand painted gold trim and Menorah designs.

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  • Hand-Painted Pomegranate Kudu Shofar

    Hand-Painted Pomegranate Kudu Shofar

    Featuring clear crisp sound and a beautiful pomegranate design, this Shofar is great for the holidays as well as for the whole year round! Display it on your shelf and blow it every time you feel you need some inspiration! Approximate dimensions: 60-70 cm More details below.

    Reg.: $499 Sale: $469